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Current  Creative Projects

Thanks so much for checking out these creative endeavors: each one is dear to my heart. 



Available for hire for small and large scale events, as well as venues and festivals. Original music, jazz standards, and easy listening covers for all occasions.

Americana folk and originals, featuring 3 part female harmony and uplifting, thoughtful music to inspire all generations . Originals and fresh takes on covers.

Neo-soul originals and saucy crowd pleasing covers for any occasion. Sure to make the crowd get on their feet and dance while taking in the nuance of Rochara's stellar vocals.

Cabaret for a Cause logo.png

Founded in 2016, The Quorus is mid-Missouri's only dedicated LGBTQA-Z musical ensemble. A subcommittee of The Center Project, the Quorus is dedicated to social justice and activism through the power of raising our collective voices.

Formed in 2018, Cabaret for a Cause is a collective of souls who come together to raise money for local advocacy and social justice programs. Directed by Audra Sergel and Rochara Knight, Cabaret for a Cause has raised over $20,000 for local organizations.


Join musician and vocal coach Audra Sergel in a warmup series and podcast all about developing your healthiest singing habits and finding your voice, your way, in your time.

Stream wherever you find your podcasts:




find the home page here.

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